Tips for the Bride to Be

Top Hat Weddings
  • Make your booking with a wedding specialist early to ensure you get what you want. Have a checklist of questions and notes about things that are important to you.
  • Prepare and follow a checklist. Arrange your plans so that all the preparations are completed a day or two before your wedding date. This gives you plenty of time to relax and spend time with family and friends.
  • State clearly on your invitations the arrival time and ceremony start time. This encourages your guests to arrive on time.
  • Delegate as much as possible — friends and family usually love to get involved and help out. Be clear with your directions and about what you want — and then relinquish responsibility! If you have any last minute running around to do (for example picking up suits, flowers, decorate tables) — ask someone else to do it! You will enjoy your wedding day more if you arrive at your ceremony feeling relaxed and unflustered, ready to celebrate. This is even more important if you are planning a wedding at home; call in your support teams and delegate!
  • Your wedding day is very special so - REST AND RELAX and allow yourself to be pampered! Enjoy a walk along the beach, go for a surf or swim, have a  game of golf or enjoy a massage. Enjoy getting your hair done, being with your family. Whatever it takes for you to have fun and relax!
  • To keep your energy levels up, make sure you eat breakfast — and lunch if your wedding is in the afternoon. This is especially important for the brides who have hair and make-up appointments at lunchtime. Ask one of your friends to make a delicious platter and take it along with you. Drink lots of water and avoid drinking any alcohol so that you arrive clear-headed ready for the wedding ceremony.
  • Arrive on time! This allows guests to feel comfortable and for everything to unfold as planned. This is important if you want to create a sense of sacredness and respect about the commitment and honouring you are about to share. Also, your celebrant or minister may have another commitment to attend afterwards.
  • If you are arriving in the traditional manner, with the bridegroom arriving first, here are some tips:

    For the groom — Allow yourself plenty of time to greet guests (about 15-20 minutes).

    For the bride — When you arrive in the car, stop and take a few relaxed and gentle breaths to help you relax and become present in the new surroundings. When you have stepped out of the car, if you can see your wedding guests, it can help to make eye contact with a few friends and members of your family. Then take a relaxed breath again. Before you walk through the guests, stop again and make eye contact with your beloved. Remember to keep breathing and enjoy! The ceremony can seem to really go fast — so slowing down the arrival can really help you to become present. If you are walking in together, take five minutes before hand to be quiet together — give each other a hug until you are relaxed.

  • Coming together and mingling first — Just before it is time to start the ceremony, go for a short walk or go to a quiet room to give each other a hug in private, to relax and ensure you both feel really present.